Ever since I launched passaporteBCN, my Portuguese-language online guide to Barcelona, I have spent endless hours walking along the streets of the capital of Catalonia. This is a gallery with some of my favourite photos of Barcelona. You can see my full collection of shots of Barcelona at the following Flickr collection: Barcelona albums.

Torre Bellesguard, BarcelonaSagrada Familia, Barcelonacrema catalana

Casa Batlló, BarcelonaAjuntament de BarcelonaCatedral de Barcelona

Santa María del Mar, BarcelonaCasa Batlló, BarcelonaEl Raval, Barcelona

Casa Batlló, BarcelonaCCCB, BarcelonaCasa Macaya

Palau Güell, BarcelonaMercado de la Boquería, BarcelonaCasa Ricard Mestres Barcelona

Montjuïc, BarcelonaL'Estel Ferit, BarcelonaTorre Agbar, Barcelona

Montjuïc, BarcelonaParque Joan MiróFuente Mágica, Montjuïc

La Pedrera, BarcelonaPark Güell, BarcelonaCel Caigut, Barcelona